Handle multi-source data in a single panel

You may import your data in various formats, including JSON, XML CSV, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Excel.

You may also import from your existing database server.

You can also link your database server to DB-Views. DB-Views will always use a live copy of your data.

Group related data fields to a single view

Any combination of fields can be selected from tables of any data source.

As an example, the librarian demo combines to a single view:

  • Contact information from the contact main table
  • Additional information from the Persons1 table that is linked by a one-to-one relation
  • Orders made by the person (linked as one-to-many relation)
  • All books read by the person (linked as many-to-many relation)

Use powerful field-sensitive filters for data filtering

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Share views with your colleagues, employees and customers

Views and web forms are created using the well-known Material Design guidelines.

You may control who can see the data and all edit permissions

Publish views on the web to gain leads and acquire new customers.

When selected, the Use as consumer invite link option allows potential customers to create a consumer account in your domain. You may later contact this consumer to turn it to a paying customer.

You may also control if the viewer must sign-in how can see the data anonymously.