Handle multi-source data

Import your data in various formats, including JSON, XML CSV, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Excel.

You can also import your data from an existing database server.

Alternatively, you can link database servers to DB-Views. DB-Views will always use a live copy of your data.

Combine related data fields into a single view

Select any combination of fields from tables of any data source.

For example, the Artworks demo displays all the artwork information from the main Artworks table in a single view, along with the artist name and MoMA page from the Artists table.

Use powerful field-sensitive filters

Per-field filters are created using the field type and data range.

Filters can be combined by using the AND, OR, and NOT operators. This can be done repeatedly for as many levels as you wish.

Share views with your colleagues, employees and customers

Views and web forms are created using well-known Material Design guidelines.

Control who sees the data and edit other permissions as needed.

Publish views online to gain leads and customers

The Use as consumer invite link option allows potential customers to create a consumer account in your domain. Built-in support of Google and Facebook account sign-ins ensures high conversion rates. From there, you may contact the prospect in hopes of turning them into a paying customer.

You can also control whether the viewer must sign in or whether they can see the data anonymously.

Publish multi-step web forms to collect customer data

Utilize DB-Views’ extensive built-in field logical validity. Global validity testing can be added by using JavaScript snippets.

Define multi-step web forms to group related fields on a single screen.

Turn related views and web forms into apps

Focus on all aspects of a specific solution.

Fully customize your apps, including localization to any language.

Be productive from day one

DB-Views’ intuitive yet powerful design lets you be productive from the very beginning. Get started today with well-known Material Design concepts, including tab views, tree views, and grid views. 

No coding skills needed.

Using the FREE starter license, you can experience all the features of DB-Views. From there, you can permanently use your apps and views for commercial applications, prototypes, and demos.