Manage Multiple SQL Servers with One Powerful Tool


Manage Multiple SQL Servers with One Powerful Tool

Easily visualize and edit table data

Key features

  • Perform complex tasks in seconds by using a powerful Material 3 GUI.

  • Manage multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL servers. (Drivers for SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle are under development)

  • Paging with smart caching supports the seamless browsing of large data tables.

  • Control access permissions of servers. You may set a server as read-only.

Manage your data

  • Use the inline editor to edit table cell values. Use tabbed web forms to edit row data. Use multistep web forms to add new rows.

  • Add tables and fields by using the drag & drop builder tool. This intuitive yet powerful tool supports a variety of field types: validated text, phone numbers, dates, numeric values, selections (single and multiple), images, uploaded files, and more.

  • Enhance field functionality with JavaScript snippets and REST calls.

Combine related fields into a single view

  • Create views based on related fields from multiple tables. One-to-One relations supported on multiple servers by using flexible field match.

  • Display linked data by setting One-to-Many relations.

  • Define Many-to-Many relations to get bidirectional multi-select fields.

  • Filter data by any field combination.

  • Define field-based tree views to easily navigate the data.

Turn related views and webforms into apps

  • Combine related views and webforms into one comprehensive app.

  • Fully customize your views and apps.

  • Share views and apps with colleagues, employees, and customers.


  • Export any view to PDF, JSON, or CSV format.

  • Use web-hooks, user actions, and CRUD API to integrate with 3rd-party systems.

Enjoy a FREE starter license

  • The free license lets you experience all the features we offer at DB-Views.

  • Continue using DB-Views for free (with up to 2 remote servers).

See DB-Views in action!

This live demo browses over 139,000 artworks from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) database.

It took less than 10 minutes to create this demo from scratch – sign up for free and see for yourself!