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GraphQL Clients 2024

GraphQL clients are client-side libraries and frameworks that help developers interact with GraphQL APIs in more streamlined and efficient manners than raw HTTP requests.

For visual front-end frameworks,  click here.

Here are some of the popular GraphQL clients:

  1. Altair GraphQL Client (Desktop/Web)
    – A GraphQL IDE similar to Postman for REST.
    – Allows you to craft queries, view documentation, and explore your GraphQL schema.
  2. Apollo Client (JavaScript/TypeScript)
    – Perhaps the most popular GraphQL client.
    – Works with any GraphQL schema.
    – Integrates with popular frontend libraries/frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, and more.
    – Advanced caching and state management features.
  3. Ariadne (Python)
    – A GraphQL server but has utilities to make HTTP requests to GraphQL endpoints.
  4. gql (Python)
    – A pure-Python GraphQL client that supports synchronous and asynchronous communication.
  5. graphql_flutter (Dart/Flutter)
    – For Dart and Flutter developers, this package helps integrate GraphQL in Flutter apps.
  6. GraphQL Request (JavaScript/TypeScript)
    – A minimal GraphQL client.
    – Useful for when you just want to run queries/mutations without the overhead of larger clients.
  7. Relay (JavaScript/TypeScript)
    – Developed by Facebook.
    – Focuses on performance and tight integration with React.
    – Uses a specific way to declare data dependencies (Relay Modern).
  8. Urql (JavaScript/TypeScript)
    – Lightweight and highly customizable.
    – Offers a simple caching mechanism out of the box, but also has plugins for more advanced use cases.