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GraphQL Frontend 2024

GraphQL front-ends  are tools that allow you to quickly build data views and apps on top of your GraphQL data. Here are the leading tools in the market:

  1. DB-Views allows you to build powerful CRUD apps by using an intuitive drag-and-drop GUI.
    – GraphQL client connects to any GraphQL server.
    – Automatically turn GraphQL schema into data views. GraphQL query embedded objects and lists are linked and displayed as well.
    – GraphQL schema mutations are automatically converted to webforms.
    – Combine related views and webforms into one comprehensive app.
    – A free license lets you experience all the features.  You may continue using DB-Views permanently for mid-scale production.
  2. Retool gives you a visual interface to quickly build tools on top of your GraphQL data.
    – Connect to your GraphQL server in minutes.
    – Build admin panels, dashboards & more.
    – Free trail available.

For client-side libraries and frameworks click here.