DB-Views Share Links

To test-drive your setup, you may paste the following demo share link:

To create a share link with your data:

  1. Create your free account or sign-in to DB-Views.
  2. Create a data table or connect to an existing database table.
  3. Click Add view to create a view.
  4. Click the view to see its parameters. Select the desired columns and filters.
  5. Optional: Define a webform that adds new data to the table.
  6. Optional: Combine several related views and webforms to an app.
  7. Open the parameters Sharing tab. Select Share with: Guests to grant unlimited access. You may also control the data access permissions and authentication.
  8. Copy the share link to the clipboard.
  9. Paste the share link in email messages, web pages, news groups etc. You may also embed it in any web page.